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re: Code of Conduct

Light and Flame Code of Conduct

We are a very laid-back, diverse, fun-loving group who have withstood the test of time and have developed a strong sense of friendship that we are happy to share with others.

Our kinship is committed to helping our members to achieve their goals. We do so by focusing our attention to their broad range of needs, delivering the best knowledge and help we can offer to our members. They in turn can extend that knowledge and help to the next member or player in need.


After accepting the recruitment invitation, you will be given a 2 week temporary membership to our kinship for a trial period. Below is a list of requirements to be completed during the 2 week trial period:

All members are required to sign-up here on our website and submit an application within 7 days of in-game recruitment. This site is for our members’ benefit since news, events, and activities are posted on the website. Please check often, and feel free to post ideas, tips, needs, and questions.

After being accepted on our website, please post your kinship character(s) on the kinship roster. Please remove your character(s) from any prior kinship site and transfer characters to Light and Flame. Only post those characters you want in the kinship.

Recruits read over the articles posted in the Recruit Forum
We require this only so that you have a good understanding of the kinship and our values. It will help you decide during your recruitment period whether or not this kin truly supplies what you are looking for in a kinship, and that you will fit well within the group.

After you have reached the end of your 2 week trial period, your final progress will be reviewed by Officers. If no major issues have been encountered, you will be promoted to full member status.

General Member Rules/Guidelines:

We are all representatives of Light and Flame, therefore please show respect for the kin and take pride in your membership. Please remember your behavior reflects on our kinship, therefore when around other players act in ways that reflect well on our kinship and not negatively. This includes behavior in Ettenmoors (PvP/Monster Play).

When possible, please take some time to help other members.

Due to the possibility that some of our members may be younger, use appropriate language and behavior during kinship and alliance chat.

Fellowship/Raid Looting Rules:

Before proceeding into an instance, if you are the fellowship/raid leader please set the loot rule to round robin roll/pass for normal fights. Please do not loot corpses, chests, etc. during combat. Only after all current combat is finished should you loot. While looting, please only roll on dropped items you are able to use for your class unless that item is not needed by any other members’ class. At the end of the fellowship/raid you may ask to trade for an item that another member won.

Before proceeding into a boss fight where highly sought-after items will potentially be dropped, please set the loot rule to round robin master looter. After the boss fight, the fellowship/raid leader can assign items dropped from the boss, chest, etc. accordingly or have members roll for the items, the members with the highest roll winning that item. This process will be repeated until the end of the fellowship/raid run. The group may agree to bypass this rule for roll/pass in specific situations.

Officer Code:

Higher standards of conduct and additional responsibilities are required of our leaders and officers. To learn more:

Disciplinary Action:

Profane, abusive or threatening language, extreme behavior that would show negatively on our kinship, sexual harassment, making malicious, false or derogatory statements, and spreading rumors that may damage the integrity or reputation of our members or the kinship will result in a warning up to, and including, dismissal. If you have concerns about the actions or behavior of another member, please contact an officer immediately so the appropriate action can be taken.

Upon receiving a notice of first offense, a warning of consequences will be issued. For a second offense, a member will be promptly be demoted. If the status is "Recruit", they will then be dismissed from the kinship. Upon review, you will be given a period of probation of four weeks. During this period of time, you will be monitored closely. If within the time given you do not correct your conduct, a third mark will be added to your record and you will then be dismissed from the kinship and banned. If within the time given you do correct your conduct, you will be given your previous status within the kinship.


The Windfola Alliance (WAC-Windfola Alliance Charter)

Make sure you are familiar with the alliance’s general rules and code of conduct. Always show mutual respect as you would to fellow kinsmen to those we are aligned with. If issues of concern arise, please contact an officer and/or leader of your kin to assist. Never share alliance chat channel information with any other member- this is the responsibility of the leaders in the alliance kinships. Cross-recruiting from other alliance kinships is strictly prohibited.
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