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PostPosted: 2014/07/24 21:21    Post subject:

Welcome back! So many of us back from hiatus. We should have a party. I've been back now for about 3 weeks after about 2 years of very little activity. Getting a new computer has made a huge difference. I'm usually not on late anymore so I may not see you. I do remember questing with you. Hope you enjoy your return. Lots of new stuff.

PostPosted: 2014/07/17 0:40    Post subject:

welcome back. I'm one of the relatively new guys and also just off hiatus. will look for you online. St Maurice/Alan Quartermain
PostPosted: 2014/05/23 20:03    Post subject:

Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you soon! 

PostPosted: 2014/05/21 4:27    Post subject: Off Hiatus

Hey everyone Im here to inform you that I (Relmin son of Kay) am off hiatus My mother on the other hand is not due to lack Of time Ill be on more often after next week but I'm usually on late nights would be great to see everyone again and to see all the new faces and Im proud to say I finally got a deeper voice Ill be checking the site regularly to see if anyone wants to run skirms or anything with me or just to talk so message me and stuff