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About Light and Flame of Windfola

We are excited to welcome you into our circle, and hope that you will experience the fun, light-hearted, but informative game play that we jointly give one-another. We pride ourselves in a continued dedication to a no-drama in-game lifestyle. We have always thrived on the golden rule and give without expectation. We have found that our "pay it forward" atmosphere has developed into a system of kinship that brings out the best in all of us both in learning and play style. We believe in the power of alliances with other kins and welcome the input of other skilled players we call comrades on the field of battle that may may be of a different kinship. If you have a desire to participate in this style of gameplay- you have come to the right place.  

Never hesitate to contact me or our officers with questions or concerns both in game and here on the site. 

To the achievement of greatness both as individuals and as a kin, may the flame always burn and the light cast away all darkness! 

Leader of Light and Flame Kinship, Crickhollow (previously Windfola) 

Members of The Windfola Alliance


In the darkness and depths of Moria, an epic battle was fought between Gandalf (Light) and the Balrog (Flame). Neither was victorious that day.

Our kin has heard the call of that day, to go forth with bravery in places where Light has darkened and to bring justice upon those who would try to stop us.

May the Light guide us and the Flame burn forever more...

-Tajee, Senior Officer 

Light and Flame Code of Conduct

Here at Light and Flame, we welcome one and all!

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